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Carol Smillie

 Welcome to Please Ask

 “Hi, I’m Carol Smillie – and welcome to Please Ask, the National Patient Safety Agency’s website for patients. If you or someone close to you is going into hospital, you may have loads of questions. This website will help you become an informed patient and one that worries less.


Every day, more than a million people are treated safely and successfully within the NHS. I owe my life to the NHS, as I nearly died during childbirth. The care and attention I received was amazing. But there are times when things can go wrong, no matter how dedicated and professional the staff. And that’s why the NPSA is working with the NHS to make it safer for you.”

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Read our tip sheets about inpatients, outpatients, medication, emergency admissions, and sick children and relatives.


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Help us improve patient safety in the NHS by telling us about your experience.


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