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National Patient Safety Agency

NPSA supports the Welsh campaign to save 1,000 lives

Chief Executive of the National Patient Safety Agency, Martin Fletcher, said:


“I would like to congratulate the NHS in Wales on the launch of the Welsh Campaign to save 1,000 Lives. Patient safety is an issue that isn’t always given the priority it deserves. The 1,000 Lives Campaign will inspire people to save lives and reduce harm in Wales and we are proud to be working with the NHS in Wales to put the safety of patients at the heart of patient care”



Notes to editors


  1. For further information please contact Senior Communications Manager, Nick Rigg on
    020 7927 9362.
  2. The National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) helps the NHS learn from its mistakes so that it can improve patient safety. It does this by collecting reports on errors and other things that go wrong in healthcare so that it can recognise national trends and introduce practical ways of preventing problems. It does not investigate individual cases or complaints, but it does listen to public concerns and uses what is said to improve safety
  3. The official 1,000 Lives website