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National Patient Safety Agency

NPSA welcomes fall in MRSA incidents

Thursday 18 December 2008


Responding to the figures released today (18 December) by the Health Protection Agency, which revealed that cases of MRSA in NHS hospitals in England have fallen by 33% in the last quarter (July to September) compared with the corresponding quarter of 2007, Katherine Wilson, campaign lead of the NPSA’s cleanyourhands initiative said:


“We are delighted by the fall in MRSA cases in NHS hospitals as it confirms that frontline hospital staff are continuing to take infection control very seriously.


“Hands are one of the main ways that infections can spread around hospital settings so it is imperative that all healthcare staff follow the existing guidelines and clean their hands at the point of patient care as this is where there is the greatest risk of transmission.


“On behalf of the campaign, I would like to congratulate all of those involved for their continued commitment to infection control. By working together we can ensure that these improvements are maintained.”




Notes to editors:


  1. Media enquiries to Paul Cooney in the NPSA Press Office on 020 7927 9351 or paul.cooney@npsa.nhs.uk.
  2. View the latest HPA figures on MRSA incidents.
  3. In September 2008, the NPSA updated its patient safety alert “Clean Hands Save Lives” in line with the current best practice guidelines for 2008. It is the first in the “Worth Repeating” series which the NPSA has introduced to raise awareness of important patient safety incidents.
  4. In July 2008 the cleanyourhands campaign released a guidance DVD to all NHS trusts in England and Wales, demonstrating the correct procedures for hand hygiene.
  5. The NPSA-run cleanyourhands campaign aims to improve the hand hygiene of healthcare workers and helps the NHS tackle healthcare associated infections. Since its launch in 2004, the campaign has been adopted by all NHS acute trusts in England and Wales. In July the campaign was extended to primary care, mental health, ambulance and care trusts. The campaign now also extends to any organisations that are part of the Independent Healthcare Advisory Services.
  6. The National Patient Safety Agency is a Special Health Authority of the NHS. It encompasses three divisions; the National Research Ethics Service, the National Reporting and Learning Service and the National Clinical Assessment Service. Each has its own sphere of expertise to improve patient outcomes. The NPSA’s vision is to lead and contribute to improved, safe patient care by informing, supporting and influencing healthcare individuals and organisations.