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National Patient Safety Agency

NPSA Information Log

The NPSA Information Log sets out copies of our responses to requests for information we receive, including Freedom of Information (FOI) requests and Parliamentary Questions (PQs) from Members of both Houses of Parliament.


To view the responses, please click on the links highlighted below.


n.b. It is important to note that although the content of each response was accurate at the time of publication, some of that information may now be out of date. Please also note, that those responses with content of a confidential or personal nature have not been included below.


Date of response Subject areaResponse to Information RequestRequest type & ref no.
18/06/2010 NPSA (Corporate)Contracts for healthcare waste disposal. FOI 43-10
18/06/2010 Surgery & AnaestheticsSpeed records set by surgeons for surgery and recommended times for surgical procedures. FOI 42-10
01/06/2010 OpthalmologyIncidents relating to wet age-related macular degeneration. FOI 35-10
26/05/2010 NPSA (Corporate)Funding given to trade unions and time given to staff for trade union acitivities. FOI 39-10
20/05/2010Patient identification & recordsCompliance with Safer Practice Notice - Standardising Wristbands Improves Patient Safety.FOI 31-10
20/05/2010 DeathsIncidents associated with death in 08/09 especially those where having English as a...FOI 30-10
06/05/2010 NRLS (Patient Safety)Details of all incidents reported as Never Events, including date, location and category of...FOI 27-10
16/04/2010 NPSA (Corporate)Copy of successful bid in procurement exercise.FOI 23-10
15/04/2010NutritionIncidents of misplacement of nasograstic feeding tubes.FOI 21-10
29/03/2010 NRLS (Patient Safety)Stephen O'Brien (Con) - Patient safety incidents of harm by incident type in last year.PQ 323913
23/03/2010 MedicationAccidental overdose of intravenous paracetamol in children. FOI 15-10
17/03/2010Child health & paediatricsIncidents of scalds to heels of babies.FOI 18-10
10/03/2010 DeathsNorman Lamb (Lib Dem) - Deaths by patient incident type from 1997-2005. PQ 321763
10/03/2010 Mental health & learning disabilitiesRaw data behind the With Safety in Mind Patient Safety Obervatory report.FOI 14-10
01/03/2010DentistryIncidents of detached dental burrs. FOI 13-10
01/03/2010 NRLS (Patient Safety)NPSA action on Coroners' Rule 43 letters. FOI 07-10
25/02/2010 MedicationMedication transcribing and calculating errors broken down by age group, clinical area and...FOI 08-10
12/02/2010 NPSA (Corporate)NPSA website statistics: most popular pages and documents, number of hits, etc.FOI 09-10
05/02/2010NutritionNutritional data within the PEAT 2009 assesments.FOI 12-10
28/01/2010 NRLS (Patient Safety)Safety incidents involving blind and partially sighted patients. Follow-up to FOI 104-09.FOI 06-10