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National Patient Safety Agency

FOI Information Log

Date of response Subject areaResponse to Information RequestRequest type & ref no.
01/05/2009 NPSA (Corporate)Board structure and contact details.FOI 41-09
01/05/2009 Surgery & AnaestheticsWrong site surgery incidents in last 5 years, including part of body, consequences and...FOI 40-09
29/04/2009 MaternityAnnual maternity incidents in Wales from 2004, by trust, degree of harm and reporting rate.FOI 37-09
28/04/2009 NPSA (Corporate)Corporate services structures past and present.FOI 35-09
28/04/2009 MedicationHelen Southworth MP (Lab) - Primary care trust procedures for reporting prescribing and dispensing...PQ 271447
17/04/2009 NRLS (Patient Safety)Further details on incident cited in RRR007 - Risks to Haemodialysis patients from water supply...FOI 25-09
15/04/2009 NRLS (Patient Safety)Content and availability of serious untoward incident reports.FOI 32-09
15/04/2009 NPSA (Corporate)Expenditure on telephone calls from fixed lines to mobile phones and service provider.FOI 33-09
14/04/2009 NRLS (Patient Safety)Summaries of incidents underlying organisational level reports for four West Midland SHA trusts.FOI 31-09
08/04/2009 NRLS (Patient Safety)Falls data for 2008/09.FOI 26-09
07/04/2009 CancerMissed diagnosis of cancerFOI 30-09
06/04/2009 OpthalmologyLoss of sight incidents due to injections striking blood vessels in eye.FOI 04-09
31/03/2009 MedicationSerious untoward incidents involving Diamorphine or Morphine Jan 04 - Jan 08.FOI 20-09
27/03/2009 Surgery & AnaestheticsWrong site surgery incidents 2003-08 by type of operation, trust, disciplinary action and...FOI 18-09
26/03/2009 NPSA (Corporate)Contact details for directors and senior IT managers.FOI 24-09
26/03/2009 NPSA (Corporate)Amount spent on consultancy services and corresponding projects 07/08 and 08/09.FOI 27-09
25/03/2009 MedicationRationale behind NPSA Alert recommending that gloves be used when mixing antibiotics.FOI 34-09
25/03/2009NutritionAnne McIntosh MP (Con) - Policies on assisting and monitoring patients at mealtimes.PQ 265599/600
24/03/2009 MedicationErrors in administration of childhood vaccines such as meningococcus C and Hib.FOI 22-09
16/03/2009 OrthopaedicsCases of death and severe harm in use of bone cement during hip surgery, as cited in RRR01.FOI 16-09