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National Patient Safety Agency

FOI Information Log

Date of response Subject areaResponse to Information RequestRequest type & ref no.
13/11/2009 NPSA (Corporate)NPSA finance department contact details.FOI 92-09
05/11/2009 DeathsGovernment withdrawal of suicide indicators and proposal to reduce death rates from injury and...FOI 89-09
04/11/2009Accident & EmergencyMike Penning MP (Con) - Accident and Emergency incidents reported to NPSA since 1997.PQ 297393
30/10/2009 MedicationIncidents where Propanolol and Prednisolone have been transposed.FOI 85-09
28/10/2009 NPSA (Corporate)Contact details for IT and Finance Directors.FOI 87-09
28/10/2009NutritionStephen O'Brien MP (Con) - Nutrition-related adverse incidents reported to NPSA since...PQ 295650
13/10/2009 NPSA (Corporate)Structures of communications and human resources' departments.FOI 86-09
12/10/2009 MedicationMedication incidents reported in 2007, number of patients involved and broken down organisation...FOI 80-09
12/10/2009 Mental health & learning disabilitiesLynne Jones MP (Lab) - Incidents of non-adherence to treatment or medication by mental health...PQ 290318/319
12/10/2009 NRLS (Patient Safety)Incidents reported as resulting in severe harm or death for 2008/9, broken down by incident type...FOI 78-09
30/09/2009 MedicationPhenol administration errors.FOI 79-09
28/09/2009 NRLS (Patient Safety)Air emboli incidents.FOI 75-09
28/09/2009 Information technologyNPSA website development costs and staffing. FOI 76-09
21/09/2009 NPSA (Corporate)NPSA staff numbers, income and consultancy costs. FOI 77-09
04/09/2009 CancerMesna in CHOP therapy.FOI 71-09
03/09/2009 NRLS (Patient Safety)Examples of NRLS learning & implementing lessons learnt from partner healthcare bodies.FOI 69-09
03/09/2009 MedicationIncidents of allergic reaction to antibiotics.FOI 68-09
28/08/2009 MedicationIncidents of medication errors resulting in death for 07/08 and 08/09.FOI 67-09
31/07/2009NutritionMisplaced nasogastric tubes and use of xray. FOI 63-09
24/07/2009 VariousNPSA overseas travel - follows on from FOI 56.FOI 57-09