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National Patient Safety Agency

FOI Information Log

Date of response Subject areaResponse to Information RequestRequest type & ref no.
27/01/2010 NPSA (Corporate)Questionnaire on Agency's electronic procurement system.FOI 02-10
26/01/2010 MaternityJames Clappison MP (Con) - Intrapartum deaths of babies in each PCT from 2003-07.PQ 312363
22/01/2010 NPSA (Corporate)Agency funding for research.FOI 03-10
14/01/2010 NPSA (Corporate)Copies of Annual Report, Financial Plan, Corporate Plan, ICT Strategy & Procurement...FOI 109-09
08/01/2010 NPSA (Corporate)Staff numbers, staff type and number of telephone extensions and handsets.FOI 114-09
06/01/2010 NPSA (Corporate)Contact details for Chief Operating Officer and Finance Director.FOI 113-09
21/12/2009 Mental health & learning disabilitiesImplementing the learning about mental health services, gathered by Confidential Enquiries.FOI 112-09
18/12/2009Medical DevicesIncidents relating to the Graseby MS26 syringe driver/pump.FOI 102-09
18/12/2009 NRLS (Patient Safety)Incidents involving blind and partially sighted patients...FOI 104-09
18/12/2009 MedicationPatient safety incidents relating to medication compliance aids and to lithium.FOI 108-09
18/12/2009 NRLS (Patient Safety)Root Cause Analysis investigations in the NHS.FOI 110-09
18/12/2009 NRLS (Patient Safety)Implementation of Alerts and Rapid Reponse Reports.FOI 99-09
18/12/2009 NRLS (Patient Safety)Serious Untoward Incident reporting and Never Events. FOI 111-09
10/12/2009 DeathsPatient safety incidents resulting in death in 2008/9 by incident type.FOI 100-09
10/12/2009 MedicationExamples of extravasation of IV amiodarone adminstered via peripheral veins, causing serious harm.FOI 105-09
10/12/2009 Surgery & AnaestheticsLocal anaesthetic toxicity reports.FOI 98-09
26/11/2009 Surgery & AnaestheticsSandra Gidley MP (Lib Dem) - Incidents requiring surgical removal on foreign objects left in...PQ 301348
24/11/2009 NRLS (Patient Safety)Overall patient safety incident figures (deaths, surgical errors and wrong medicines).FOI 91-09
24/11/2009 NRLS (Patient Safety)Incidents relating to oxygen safety in hospitals.FOI 95-09
24/11/2009 MaternityReview of intra partum related incidents.FOI 94-09