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National Patient Safety Agency

FOI Information Log

Date of response Subject areaResponse to Information RequestRequest type & ref no.
13/01/2009 NRLS (Patient Safety)Dr Ashok Kumar MP (Lab) - Incidents of missed diagnosis in northeast. PQ 245807
14/01/2009NutritionStephen O'Brien MP (Con) - Nutrition related adverse incidents 2005-07.PQ 246405
19/01/2009Confidential EnquiriesDavid Drew MP (Lab) - CEMACH review of neonatal mortality and stillborn deaths.PQ 248218
19/01/2009 NRLS (Patient Safety)Mike Penning MP (Con) - Incidents of missed diagnosis Hemel, Herts and England.PQ 246561
19/01/2009 MedicationDavid Drew MP (Lab) - Increased role and improved communications for pharmacists.PQ 248227
20/01/2009 Medication Stephen O'Brien MP (Con) - Guidance on preventing immunosuppressant medication errors. PQ 249788
20/01/2009 DeathsPatient deaths reported in last 12 months.FOI 07-09
21/01/2009 MedicationBaroness Masham of Ilton (Crossbencher) - Assuring safety of immunosuppressant drug dispensing and...PQ HL590/591
26/01/2009 MedicationFurther information on Cyclizine administration incidents in 2007/8 at specific hospital.FOI 12-09
26/01/2009 NPSA (Corporate)Structures for commercial, employer engagement, business and sales divisions.FOI 06-09
27/01/2009 DeathsMedical device/equipment related deaths.FOI 08-09
27/01/2009 Mental health & learning disabilitiesDr Ian Gibson MP (Lab) - Mistreatment of patients with learning disabilities and confidential...PQ 250900/901/902
28/01/2009 MedicationDavid Drew MP (Lab) - Cases of inappropriate dispensing in community pharmacies of hospital...PQ 248226
04/02/2009 CancerMisdiagnosis of breast cancer.FOI 02-09
12/02/2009NutritionNorman Lamb MP (Lib Dem) - Guidance on protected meal times for patients.PQ 256261
17/02/2009 NPSA (Corporate)NPSA structure and plans.FOI 09-09
17/02/2009 Information technologyICT strategy, plans and structure.FOI 10-09
17/02/2009 MedicationIncidents of warfarin and methotrexate overdosage from 2004-2007. FOI 05-09
18/02/2009 OpthalmologyDelays or cancellations in follow-up Glaucoma appointments leading to sight lossFOI 14-09
18/02/2009Patient identification & recordsCompliance of NHS organisations with Standardising Wristband Alert - Safer Practice Notice.FOI 11-09