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Welcome back to the cleanyourhands campaign, now in its fourth year in acute trusts and second year in community based trusts i.e. primary care, mental health, ambulance and care trusts. We are proud to say that the campaign is now across 397 trusts in England and Wales. 


The campaign aims to improve the hand hygiene of healthcare workers across the NHS to reduce the spread of healthcare associated infection. Through the campaign, infection control teams are supported to raise awareness of the necessity of good staff hand hygiene and engage staff locally.


Since it's inception in 2004, the campaign has seen encouraging improvement in hand hygiene across England and Wales.


This year the campaign’s look and feel has been integrated across all trusts. Materials and resources provided take into consideration the challenges faced in rolling out the campaign in specific care settings. It is hoped that this approach highlights the importance for good staff hand hygiene to become an integral part of day to day healthcare across all NHS trusts.


The focus of this year’s campaign is to provide you with a comprehensive toolkit of resources that will support your ongoing implementation in your trust. This will incorporate awareness-raising material, educational material (print and video) as well as training for coordinators.


This guide has been designed to assist you in rolling out a successful campaign in your trust. The diversity of the care settings that comprise the NHS means that not all the information provided will have equal relevance to all care settings. We hope you find the information provided a useful guide your local campaign efforts.