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Evidence base for hand hygiene

The cleanyourhands campaign has been designed taking into consideration seminal research in the area of hand hygiene. Please search for evidence via the NHS Evidence search box below. Alternatively, you can search the cleanyourhands repository which is below the NHS Evidence search box.


Access to some articles and additional resources on the website will require an NHS Athens account available at no cost to NHS employees.




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cleanyourhands repository

AuthorTitleJournal and volumeYearCategories
Venkatesh AK, Lankford MG, Rooney DM, Blachford T, Watts CM, Noskin GA.Use of electronic alerts to enhance hand hygiene compliance and decrease transmission of...American Journal of Infection Control; 36(3):199-205.2008Hand hygiene products and technologies
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van der Vegt DS, Voss A. .Are hospitals too clean to trigger good hand hygiene?Journal Hospital Infections 2009 Jul;72(3):218-202009Hand hygiene practice
van de Mortel T, Heyman L. Performance feedback increases the incidence of handwashing by staff following patient contact in...Australian Critical Care, 1995; 8(2):8-131995Hand hygiene practice
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Thomas BW, Berg-Copas GM, Vasquez DG, Jackson BL, Wetta-Hall R. Conspicuous vs customary location of hand hygiene agent dispensers on alcohol-based hand hygiene...Journal of the American Osteopathic Association 2009 May;109(5):263-72009Hand hygiene practice
Swoboda SM, Earsing K, Strauss K, Lane S, Lipsett PAElectronic monitoring and voice prompts improve hand hygiene and decrease nosocomial infections in...Critical Care Medicine; 32(2):358-3632004Hand hygiene products and technologies, Hand hygiene practice
Suchomel M, Koller W, Kundi M, Rotter MLSurgical hand rub: Influence of duration of application on the immediate and 3-hours effects of...American Journal of Infection Control; 37(4):289-932009Hand hygiene practice