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Evidence base for hand hygiene

The cleanyourhands campaign has been designed taking into consideration seminal research in the area of hand hygiene. Please search for evidence via the NHS Evidence search box below. Alternatively, you can search the cleanyourhands repository which is below the NHS Evidence search box.


Access to some articles and additional resources on the website will require an NHS Athens account available at no cost to NHS employees.




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cleanyourhands repository

AuthorTitleJournal and volumeYearCategories
S P Stone MF.Hand hygiene-the case for evidence-based educationJournal of the Royal College of Medicine: 2001: 94: 278-2812001Evidence reviews and analysis
Saba R, Inan D, Seyman D, Gul G, Senol YY, Turhan O et al.Hand hygiene compliance in a hematology unitActa Haematologica; 113(3):190-1932005Hand hygiene practice, Behaviour and compliance
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Santana SL, Furtado GHC, Coutinho AP, Medeiros EAS.Assessment of healthcare professionals' adherence to hand hygiene after alcohol-based hand rub...Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology; 28(3):365-367.2007Hand hygiene practice, Behaviour and compliance
Sax H, Allegranzi B, Uckay I, Larson E, Boyce J, Pittet DMy five moments for hand hygiene': a user-centred design approach to understand, train, monitor and...Journal of Hospital Infection: 2007. 67. 9-212007Policy and guidance
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Schneider J, Moromisato D, Zemetra B, Rizzi-Wagner L, Rivero N, Mason W, Imperial-Perez F, Ross LHand hygiene adherence is influenced by the behavior of role modelsPediatric Crit Care Med 2009, May;10(3):360-32009Role models
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