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September 2010

In this month’s e-bulletin:


cleanyourhands update

The government’s transition plans for the changes which will take place across the health service are still under development. Until a start date for the new NHS bodies (NHS Commissioning Board and GP Consortia) is announced the NPSA, and so cleanyourhands, is unable to make firm plans for its activities beyond the end of this year. We appreciate your understanding during the transition period which will see the NPSA in its current form dissolved.


Until the transition of NPSA function to the NHS Commissioning Board takes place it is business as usual for cleanyourhands.



cleanyourhands Regional

This month cleanyourhands has been out to visit another handful of trusts for both site visits and cleanyourhands facilitated workshops. We would like to congratulate the trusts we visited since our last ebulletin whom have demonstrated successful integration of the cleanyourhands campaign as part of their patient safety agendas and have shown effective organisation, team work, and positive practices in their efforts to ensure sustained cultural change in hand hygiene and infection control.


The trusts we visited were West Midlands Ambulance Service, East of England Ambulance Service, York Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.


We shall be holding further cleanyourhands facilitated workshops over the coming months. The workshops provide an important opportunity for you to share your experiences and to learn from those of others. Topics covered in the workshops include: engaging different audiences in hand hygiene, implementing hand hygiene and infection prevention and control in clinical practice, how to prepare staff to talk about infection prevention and control and the importance of being open. The session also allows you to learn about the practices of the IPC team at the host organisation.



In order for you to register your interest in attending a workshop and to obtain further details on dates and locations, please email the team.


Attending one of these events would allow you to share your experiences with other NHS organisations and would be a positive demonstration of your organisation’s commitment to infection control and patient safety.



Infection Prevention 2010 - Moving Forward With Confidence

The Infection Prevention Society (IPS) held another successful annual conference in Bournemouth last week. Tracey Cooper officially took up her position as the new IPS President and below gives us a short summary of the event with a particular focus on hand hygiene and the IPS’ continued commitment to practice improvement:


“As incoming President I was delighted that the comprehensive scientific programme tackled a wide range of subjects including emerging issues such as the growing challenge of Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamases (ESBLs), and the future of anti-infectives in the post-antibiotic era. Hand hygiene remains at the core of effective infection prevention practice though, and Professor John Boyce from Connecticut USA spoke about new developments in hand hygiene, and innovative approaches to monitoring hand hygiene compliance. Posters and free paper presentations added to the educational and scientific value of conference, and the large exhibition provided delegates with access to an array of products and services available to help deliver high quality care to patients and service users.


During conference we were also delighted to launch preview versions of the IPS Competences document for infection prevention practitioners, and the Quality Improvement Tools. These tools will be available in the next few weeks, and will provide evidence-based tools for monitoring practice and driving quality improvement across a wide variety of care settings. Further details will be available via the IPS website


Effective infection prevention remains at the heart of providing safe care, and hand hygiene remains at the heart of effective infection prevention. The IPS annual conference continues to highlight the importance of this topic year-on-year; and I am already looking forward to hearing about further developments at Infection Prevention 2011.”


Tracey Cooper

President – Infection Prevention Society



cleanyourhands webinars

On 23 August we held our first hand hygiene webinar focussing on hand hygiene audit. The session covered a range of issues including the role of infection prevention and control in auditing, the importance of using audit as a quality improvement tool, how to address poor compliance and how to use auditing effectively to encourage positive cultural change.  The session brought about a healthy discussion on these issues and allowed participants to share their viewpoints and provide potential solutions to  problems based on their own experiences.


Following on from our first webinar, we will be holding a further two webinars in the coming months which will be covering the issues of sustainability and hand hygiene as part of patient safety.



Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in these discussions about successfully implementing sustained change in hand hygiene practice amongst your staff. The next two webinars will be held on: 


  1. Sustainability - 19 October 1400-1500pm
  2. Hand hygiene as part of patient safety - 22 November 1400-1500pm



There are 25 places available per webinar and are issued on a first come first served basis. Please be sure to sign up for these sessions quickly to avoid disappointment. You can register by clicking on one of the meeting links above and sending an email with your name and trust. (Please leave the subject line intact.)



African Partnerships for Patient Safety (APPS) 

"strengthening patient safety and HAI prevention and control across continents"


APPS is a World Health Organization (WHO) programme. It is concerned with building  strong, effective and mutually beneficial partnerships between hospitals in England and hospitals in each of the 21 English speaking countries of the WHO region of Africa.


In mainland Europe hospitals in Switzerland and France are or will be partnering with hospitals in Francophone Africa.


Many healthcare workers and institutions across the UK already have established links with developing countries, focused on a range of improvement areas.APPS builds on all of these existing links and is about three key things:


  1. Building strong, effective and mutually beneficial partnerships across and within continents, and demonstrating those benefits.

  2. Improving patient safety and strengthening infection prevention and control across both arms of the partnership.

  3. Spreading improvement within and between countries.


To date six partnerships have been established and there is a commitment to increase the number of partnerships annually until each of the 46 countries of the WHO Region of Africa has at least one hospital partnered with a hospital in England or mainland Europe.


The first 3 English partner hospitals are; University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust, Countess of Chester NHS Trust, South Tees NHS Trust partnered with Gondar Ethiopia, Kisiizi Uganda and Lilongwe Malawi.


It will come as no surprise to readers of the cleanyourhands ebulletin that whilst APPS addresses patient safety in its broadest sense, at its heart and driven by the demands of the African Region, the prevention of HCAI is a common area of focus for all partnerships and hand hygiene improvement acts as a tangible entry point for action. The photograph below illustrates recent activity in Ethiopia, where alcohol based hand rub is now being manufactured.


If you are interested in finding out more about APPS, how to get involved and how to access the growing range of resources to enhance your local activity, visit the website or contact Julie Storr