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May 2010


 In this month's issue:




Campaign news


cleanyourhands strategic review   

As you know, cleanyourhands has now exceeded its originally planned lifespan of four years in acute trusts and entered the third and final campaign year for community settings. To decide where cleanyourhands will move next we are undergoing a strategic review - you may remember receiving a letter explaining this in April. The purpose of this section is to update you on that work.


There are two pieces of work underway here at the NPSA related to cleanyourhands. Firstly a large project is being undertaken to assess what cleanyourhands can do for the NHS over the next three years. Secondly a smaller piece of work is helping us to develop our activities for this campaign year.


What you can expect to see between now and September 2010


    • Refreshed campaign materials which we plan to start distributing in June
    • More engagement between cleanyourhands and your trust board to help you achieve your hand hygiene goal
    • The formation of a multidisciplinary cleanyourhands coalition
    • A move away from a campaign based model of practice


As these different pieces of work continue to take shape we will be in touch to get your input and involvement.


Site visits – REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED 3rd September 2010

In the coming months, we would like to get out and about and visit a number of trusts around England and Wales. Both cleanyourhands and participating organisations benefit from these visits. This has been evident by the inclusion of feedback gained on these visits over the last four years of cleanyourhands materials.


The aim of site visits in 2010/11 is to see how the campaign is being implemented locally. We would welcome the chance to see how materials are being used, how the campaign is being incorporated in other infection control activities and how it is being received by staff within your trust.


This is an opportunity for you to share your experiences with us face-to-face and discuss any challenges or any feedback you may have.  We have found site visits particularly useful in gauging the barriers and issues involved with embedding hand hygiene best practice and will help inform our work as we move forward with cleanyourhands.


In order to register your interest in a site visit during 2010/11 please contact the team at handhygiene@npsa.nhs.uk and we shall contact you in due course to arrange a convenient time and date.


Resources added to online ordering system

As a result of their popularity, we have now had our Five Moments credit card flyers and hand cleaning technique posters reprinted. These can be ordered through our online ordering system and are available to download from the resource area of the cleanyourhands website (login required). In addition, the Five Moments postcards which were sent to lead coordinators in April have been added to the resource area and a limited stock is also available to order. Please note that only orders placed by listed campaign coordinators will be approved.


If you experience any difficulties in ordering resources, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at handhygiene@npsa.nhs.uk 


Five Moments at the RCN Congress

cleanyourhands continues its efforts to promote the WHO’s Five Moments for hand hygiene. A special Fringe event on the Five Moments for hand hygiene was delivered at the RCN Congress in Bournemouth. The event focused on the use of the Five Moments in every day practice and was received with enthusiasm and lively discussion! Visit the RCN website for information on the event and highlights of Congress 2010.




Save Lives: Clean Your Hands day - 5 May 2010


What we did to mark the day

We hope that you all had a good 5 May, however you marked the WHO’s Save Lives: Clean Your Hands day. The cleanyourhands team hosted a  ‘lunch and learn’ event with some key stakeholders at the NPSA to discuss the campaign and to explore possibilities for next year’s world hand hygiene day. We would love to hear about any of your trust’s activities so please get in touch with the team if you would like to feedback on this important global initiative.


Activities around the world

For a second year, the WHO’s Save Lives: Clean Your Hands day on 5 May 2010 called for action around the world. The response has been impressive with registrations to the initiative by healthcare facilities reaching 11,500 by 5 May, exceeding their target of 10,000. As events took place all around the world,  the WHO streamed a series of webinars on infection control as well as a special video message from Professor Didier Pittet, External Programme Lead, WHO First Global Patient Safety Challenge: Clean Care is Safer Care, congratulating those around the world taking part in hand hygiene to make patient care, safer care.


Several initiatives were launched by the WHO on the day including a global observation survey focusing on ‘Moment 1’ of the Five Moments. Also launched was the Self Assessment Framework tool to help assess a healthcare facility’s progress in promoting hand hygiene and to help identify challenges and enable focus on future plans for improvement. The Self Assessment Framework tool is available to download on the WHO website.





Related news


New DH guidance on uniform and workwear policies

New guidance on uniform and workwear policies for NHS employers has been issued by the Department of Health which builds on the guidance issued in 2007 by taking into account the feedback received from NHS trusts and healthcare staff implementing local policies.  Importantly, the guidance also incorporates the Five Moments in relation to hand hygiene during direct patient care activities (see Appendix A).  This shows how with your support we can achieve consistency in practice related to hand hygiene. The importance of hand hygiene, not only in terms of infection control but also in terms of patients’ perceptions of the care they are receiving are highlighted.


New MRSA objectives

From April 2010, all NHS organisations in England will be set an objective for reducing meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bloodstream infections.

The MRSA Objective will be applied to:


  • Primary care organisations (PCOs) as a population based rate, with all MRSA bacteraemia in members of their population counted towards their total.

  • Acute trusts as a bed-day rate, with all MRSA bacteraemia identified after two days of admission counted towards their total.


cleanyourhands is committed to helping organizations meet the new MRSA objectives. To find out more details on the objective see the DH website.


RCN Infection Prevention and Control Network

The RCN have launched a UK-wide and international Infection Prevention and Control Network for members who have an interest in infection prevention. This includes a dedicated web area which will include information on current RCN activity on infection prevention, links to sites of interest, forthcoming events and Medisis - a new online catalogue to provide tools and resources gathered from RCN, healthcare/pharmaceutical companies, service organisations, professional bodies and charities.


Members from all settings and roles are welcome to join the network. Information on how to join can be found on the RCN website.