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July 2010


In this first e-bulletin of our new activity plan:






cleanyourhands strategy for 2010/11

Since April, the start of our final campaigning year, cleanyourhands has been working on a plan for our activity up to March 2011. This work has been delayed and we appreciate your continued interest during this time. 


As a result of efficiency measures introduced by our new government the initially planned activity (new posters, revised Wi-Five game etc) has been replaced with a cleanyourhands program which moves away from promotional items and print media to focus more on actual problem solving, education and sustainability.


This strategy will help you overcome barriers faced in the new NHS climate where quality and productivity are key. Also this will mean that cleanyourhands can continue to support your clinical work despite the spending restrictions that are in place.


In this ebulletin we will outline our plans for 2010/11 to give you an insight into ongoing and upcoming work, and more importantly to allow you to get involved.




cleanyourhands online

In order to make access to information clearer and more efficient, we will be restructuring and streamlining the website progressively over the course of the next month. We hope that this will make resources more accessible. It is also being updated to include all of our latest materials, guidance and information search facilities.



  • If you have any comments about the website please email the team and we shall work to address your issues as soon as possible.
  • What do you want us to talk about online? Tell us here.




Catalogue of materials for 2010/11

As mentioned earlier in this ebulletin, cleanyourhands will no longer be producing new hardcopy materials. To ensure that you are aware and get the most out of the cleanyourhands stock that remains, a catalogue has been produced detailing the campaign products currently available to order from our online ordering system. This includes a Terms of Use Policy and for those unsure how to use the system, fear not, a short guide is also included.


The campaign stock is limited so please think carefully about how you can make the best use of what is available. We hope that these resources will continue to facilitate and support your hand hygiene improvement efforts.



  • Download the catalogue here.




Don’t miss our webinars!

As part of our commitment to provide you with access to the best resources to successfully implement sustained change in hand hygiene practice amongst your staff, cleanyourhands has organised a series of webinars to be hosted over the course of the next few months.


Our online seminars (webinars) will be hosted by cleanyourhands and guest speakers, and will cover issues such as:

1. hand hygiene monitoring and audit - 23rd September 2-3pm

2. sustainability - 19 October 2-3pm

3. hand hygiene as part of patient safety - 22 November 2-3pm



There are 25 places per webinar so we will only accept one registration per trust on a first come first served basis. Please be sure to sign up for these sessions quickly to avoid disappointment. You can register by clicking on one of the meeting links above and sending an email with your name and trust. (Please leave the subject line intact.)




cleanyourhands Regional: coming to an area near you

Further to the success of cleanyourhands’ Five Moments workshops and site visits held over the course of the past four years, cleanyourhands Regional will be creating a series of events and site visits hosted by NHS organisations with guidance and facilitation by the core cleanyourhands team.


These events will have a range of learning objectives including but not limited to:


  • Understanding how to address cultural and organisational barriers to hand hygiene
  • Learning how to address issues preventing sustained behaviour change
  • Discussing how to engage non-infection control professionals


Learning outcomes for these events will be achieved through enabling your different organisations to discuss issues at a regional level, sharing solutions all whilst being facilitated by the cleanyourhands team.



 If you are interested in attending one of these events, please contact the team – attending one of these events would allow you to share your experiences with other NHS organisations and would be a positive demonstration of your organisation’s commitment to infection control and patient safety.




Speciality champions

The importance of staff champions or role models that can exert positive influence on fellow staff is critical to sustaining hand hygiene improvement. As part of the new activity for 2010/11 cleanyourhands would like to encourage the development of Speciality Champions to enhance the networks that some of you have already built up within your organisations.


This new role aims to identify medical, surgical and nurse specialist who can help make hand hygiene and infection control relevant to their peers and so ensure the infection control team are using messages that will resonate with the different audiences they engage. We have created a basic role description which you can download here.




Email the team if:

  • you are interested in developing this role in your organisation; or
  • you already have representatives from the specialties in your organisation involved in hand hygiene and infection control.




Collaborative working

cleanyourhands works together with other agencies, governments and organisations who have an interest in hand hygiene. To help keep you updated here is some news from our key partners this month.


Welsh Assembly Government

The Welsh Assembly Government has launched 1000 Lives Plus which is the next step towards reducing avoidable harm to patients in NHS Wales. As part of the program a number of useful guides and tools are available. 1000 Lives Plus will help ensure that hand hygiene remains on the patient safety agenda in Wales by promoting both cleanyourhands and the Five Moments for hand hygiene.


Infection Prevention Society

The Infection Prevention Society (IPS) continues its preparation for its annual conference in September which has become one of the must attend events for infection prevention and control professionals. This year’s theme is ‘Moving forwards with confidence’ and details on the many speakers and exhibitors can be found on the conference website.


From a hand hygiene perspective we look forward to the launch of the hand hygiene quality improvement tool from the IPS which is scheduled to take place during the conference. These quality improvement tools have been co-funded by the four UK governments and in terms of hand hygiene will assist in moving from simple audit to a quality improvement cycle.




Help us plan content; complete our survey (closing 06/08/2010)

We have created a short survey which will allow us to better understand your needs and develop and position our work in a way which will add the greatest value for you in your hand hygiene activities. Your feedback is very much appreciated and will have a direct influence on what we do for you.



  •  The short survey is available here – thank you for taking the time to complete this.