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September ebulletin

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A global gathering

Last month, the World Health Organization (WHO) convened a meeting of campaigning countries at their headquarters in Geneva. The meeting was originally scheduled to coincide with the Saves Lives: Clean your hands initiative on the 5 May but was postponed due to the emerging pandemic situation.


Attended by over 35 countries, the meeting featured presentations from over 17 countries that have a national or sub-national campaign to improve hand hygiene in healthcare.


The meeting demonstrated how similar challenges are being faced throughout the world with regard to sustainability, integrating infection control within the wider patient safety agenda and managing/improving public confidence.


JP Nolan and Katherine Wilson from the campaign team were joined by Yvonne Robertson from the Department of Health to represent England and Wales. A representative from the Welsh Assembly Government was also hoping to attend but unfortunately was unable to due to other commitments. Participation in the meeting included a poster and presentation outlining the campaign’s achievements and challenges.


One of the outputs from the meeting was the establishment of a network of campaigning countries, coordinated by WHO in Geneva. More information can be found on the WHO website.


10,000 for 2010

 The WHO have launched a campaign to reach 10,000 registrations for the ‘Save Lives: Clean Your Hands’ initiative by the 5th May 2010. On the 5th May this year, over 5,000 organisations had pledged their support for hand hygiene improvement.

All hospitals and healthcare facilities are invited to take part in this global initiative to continue to raise hand hygiene awareness, to continue to reinforce hand hygiene to the point of care and to reduce healthcare associated infection (HCAI).

By registering for the initiative, you are able to:


  • Join the network of countries and organisations that are already implementing hand hygiene campaigns;

  • Use the WHO toolkit to improve hand hygiene compliance and get access to other updates and resources from WHO Patient Safety; and

  • Share your knowledge and successes with others.

Sign up and pledge your support online via the WHO’s Save Lives: Clean Your Hands website.


It’s good to talk

We know lots of you have questions about implementing the campaign in your trusts, including how to engage staff, auditing hand hygiene and how to work with patients. So why not use the discussion forum to get feedback from your peers about how they've managed these areas?

The latest topics on the forum include implementing the campaign in mental health settings and infection control in developing countries; but don't be afraid to start your own discussion if you have a question! (Please note that you must be logged in to access the links)