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December 2009

The cleanyourhands team would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Christmas tree

2010 and beyond

As 2009 comes to an end, thoughts are focused on plans for 2010 and beyond. In the acute trusts cleanyourhands campaign is coming to an end of its originally intended lifecycle in acute trusts; with an existing commitment to a further year in community-based trusts.

But fear not; cleanyourhands is not disappearing. Work is now underway to consider how cleanyourhands should evolve to ensure it can continue to effectively support the NHS in improving the hand hygiene of healthcare staff at the point of patient care. This important piece of work will help ensure that cleanyourhands reflects the changing landscape of the NHS and the diversity of care settings that cleanyourhands now covers.

Calling all volunteers


In the meantime, whilst we undertake this strategic review the next stage of the campaign for launch in April 2010 is in development. To help inform the approach a research agency has been commissioned to facilitate some focus groups in January/February. An email about participating has already been circulated but, if you missed this, and are interested in being involved, do get in touch.


Alternatively, or even as well, are you interested in joining a virtual group to inform further development of the Wi -Five? Game? We particularly want to increase its utility as a training aid and make it more relevant for mental health and ambulance care settings. The group will convene via webinar a couple of times over the first few months of 2010 as well as giving feedback by email so hopefully the time commitment will be minimal. 


If you are interested in either of these, please contact us.

New directory of resources

Following feedback, we have developed a new searchable directory of all the resources that are available to download from the website. Resources can be searched for by keyword or category, making it easier for you to find specific items or search for relevant resources; a direct link to the online order system is also provided when hard copies are available to order.


The new directory is located within the resource area of the website so please note that you will need to be logged in order to access it.

Establishing the evidence 

We are pleased to confirm that the cleanyourhands campaign has been included in a new central online resource of evidence on how to improve quality and productivity in the NHS.


The resource was developed by the NHS Institute as part of a project called QIPP: Establishing the Evidence, which aims to collate and expand the evidence of how to improve quality whilst making efficiency savings. It seeks to solve the problem of disparate current evidence, and provide a structure for future evidence development.

MRSA and C. difficile continue to fall

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has published the rates of MRSA bloodstream infections and C. difficile infections from July 2007 to September 2009.


Overall there has been a 57% decrease in the number of MRSA bloodstream infections reported during the surveillance period in England, from 1,083 cases in July to September 2007 to 465 cases during the same time period in 2009.


The incidence of trust-apportioned and all other episodes of C. diff infection have also decreased between July to September 2007 and the same period in 2009.


Between July and September 2007 and the same period in 2009, there has been a 61% decrease in the counts of trust-apportioned episodes and a 40% decrease in the number of all other episodes.


Recording cases as trust and non-trust apportioned helps to provide a clearer picture of where infections are likely to have been acquired. Comprehensive infection control requires initiatives by a range of non-acute trust facilities, across the whole health economy, including district general hospitals, nursing establishments and residential homes.


The full press release and results can be read on the HPA’s website.






Improving patient safety; preventing HCAI  

Over the last few weeks there have been some key policy developments and publications that reinforce the importance of HCAI as a matter of patient safety and reflect the zero tolerance approach to preventable infections being taken by the NHS.


The recently published Operating Framework for 2010/11 listed improving cleanliness and reducing HCAI as the first in the five national priorities; whilst, from April 2010 onwards, there will be annual MRSA objectives that apply to primary care organisations as well as acute trusts.


The role of cleanyourhands will be to support NHS trusts as you act locally to address these requirements, ensuring that the hand hygiene of healthcare staff forms the backbone of wider infection prevention and control activity. If you have any thoughts or suggestions about how we can provide support and assistance, as always please do get in touch.