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August ebulletin

In this issue:

Show and tell: cleanyourhands discussion forum

We know lots of you have questions about implementing the campaign in your trusts, including how to engage staff, auditing hand hygiene and how to work with patients. So why not use the forum to get feedback from your peers about how they've managed these areas?

The latest topics on the forum include implementing the campaign in mentalhealth settings and infection control in developing countries; but don't be afraid to start your own discussion if you have a question! (Please note that you must be logged in to access the links)

Golden Poo Awards: Call for Nominations for Hygiene and Sanitation Champions

The Golden Poo Awards are being held on 15th October 2009 as part of Global Handwashing Day.  These uniquely named awards aim to highlight and reward those working to improve hand hygiene and sanitation globally. Whilst Global Handwashing Day and the awards have a broader remit than the cleanyourhands campaign, which focuses on heatlhcare associated infection, this public facing initiative may be of particular interest to you in the current pandemic situation.

Nominations are being called for in the following categories:

  • Hygiene Champion – for someone who has contributed substantially to advancement in knowledge about hygiene, successfully advocated for improved hygiene practices, or brought innovation to the field of hygiene technology or promotion.
  • Sanitation Champion – for someone who has brought innovation to the world of sanitation, successfully advocated sanitation and reduced open defecation, or improved knowledge about sanitation.



Nominations should include the name and contact details of the nominee, and a short statement (no more than 500 words) about their work and why they deserve the award.  Nominations should be sent to globalhandwashingday@lshtm.ac.uk by 14th August.  Nominations for people who have done work in the developing world are particularly welcome.

Awards for the Hygiene and Sanitation Champions will be made at the Golden Poo Awards, and winners from overseas will be flown to the UK for the awards.  The event is organised by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and PooP Creative, in conjunction with the London International Animation Festival, Department for International Development  and WaterAid

Global Handwashing Day is an annual event to promote handwashing with soap around the world, and was spearheaded by the Public Private Partnership for Handwashing with Soap.

Launch of the e-bug project



e-Bug, is an educational resource pack, sponsored by DG-SANCO of the European Commission, led by the  Health Protection Agency UK, to promote hand hygiene to children.

Following three years of intensive research, design and evaluation, the e-bug educational resource will be launched at the Russell Hotel, London on 3rd/4th September 2009. The meeting will be attended by delegates from the Ministries’ of Health and Education as well as teaching professionals from partner countries and other stakeholders. Following the initial meeting, the resource will then be disseminated in schools across the 18 European partner countries.


The resource was designed to enhance student knowledge on four key areas:


  • introduction to microbes;
  • transfer of infection;
  • treatment of infection; and
  • prevention of infection.


The resource contains a series of fun and interactive lesson plans for both junior (9 -11 year olds) and senior (12 -15 year olds) school students, each of which links closely to the national curriculum.


More information can be found on the e-bug website.

August's article review

Each month, Julie Storr and Ronald Jonga are providing an authoritative evaluation of a recent article on hand hygiene for the F1000 medicine website.


August’s article is entitled “Hand hygiene compliance by physicians: Marked heterogeneity due to local culture?” by Dror Cantrell, Oded Shamriz, Matan J.Cohen,Zvi Stern, Collin Block, Mayer Brezis and published in American Journal Infection Control. 2009 May;37(4):301-5.


The article shares the results of the assessment of hand hygiene compliance among physicians at a large general hospital, to identify potential factors that may affect adherence and to attempt to improve compliance by introducing alcohol gel in selected wards.


The review can be read in full at F1000 Medicine.